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My Bokashi Experiment – Update 3

My Bokashi Experiment – Update 3

Pender Island Life

We’re two months into our new composting regimen using Bokashi, a hundreds year old system that uses the power of fermentation to reduce ALL of your kitchen waste to rich, black soil ready for the garden, and I am impressed.

I haven’t held back in the first 60 days – our regional landfill no longer accepts kitchen waste of any kind, so I really don’t have a choice – I’ve thrown in bones, raw meat trimmings, fat used for frying, and most recently, the biggest test yet, a pound of prawn heads that missed their chance to become bisque when I accidentally buried them at the bottom of the freezer downstairs. They had been sitting there since last April, leaving them freezer-burned beyond use.

I opened the bucket about 24 hours after I had added the prawn heads and a healthy layer of Bokashi bran, and to my surprise, there was ABSOLUTELY NO SMELL. And by no smell, I mean our perpetually hungry little dog was standing right beside me when I opened it, and his nose didn’t even twitch.

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