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I am a professional chef turned food blogger, photographer and published author.  I can talk about food all day long if you’ll let me — so if you’re looking for a guest for a radio, TV or online show or for someone to write a food article or column, drop me a line at islandvittles(at)
In the meantime, please check out more of my writing, public appearances and food photos below, or watch my foraging and cooking videos at  I hope to speak with you soon!


More About Me

Building a Platform One Recipe at a Time – by Trysh Ashby-Rolls in the Seaside Times – May 2011

My Writing & Recipes

Guest Blogger – EAT Magazine, Victoria, BC

Monthly Column – Wild Food – The Islands Independent, Pender Island, BC

  • From Cool Waters – May 6, 2011
  • From the Forest Floor – March 11, 2011
  • Branching Out – April 8, 2011

Island Vittles’ Recipes on The Pender Island Community Network

Monthly Column – Wild Food – Avid Magazine, Pender Island, BC

Column – Eat the Creek – False Creek this Week, Vancouver BC
Radio Appearances
  • Life Style with Patty Mack – CFAX 1070, Victoria, BC – November 2012
  • Life Style with Patty Mack – CFAX 1070, Victoria, BC – June 2012
  • Life Style with Patty Mack – CFAX 1070, Victoria, BC – June 2011
  • Life Style with Patty Mack – CFAX 1070, Victoria, BC – January 2011
  • On the Island with Gregor Craigie – CBC Radio One – December 2010
  • Life Style with Patty Mack – CFAX 1070, Victoria, BC – December 2010
  • Life Style with Patty Mack – CFAX 1070, Victoria, BC – October 2010
  • On the Island with Gregor Craigie – CBC Radio One – September 2010


19 thoughts on “Contact & Press

  1. Alison

    Hi Island Vittles! I was wondering if you’d like to be food blog friends? I would be honoured to be on your blog roll and would add your website to mine as well.

    Let me know what you think.

    Have a great weekend and thanks for the caesar dressing recipe!

    1. Theresa Post author

      Isn’t that funny — I just added you to my blogroll after I “refound” your blog! Can’t wait to try the dim sum recipes…

      Happy Day,

  2. Brian

    Hej Theresa,

    I found your site while looking for expert advice on how to whack stinging nettles from existence. I got some of that, but more than anything, I kept getting all this cool info about how nutritious they are. I knew that already, and about the indians and french chefs (yada yada) and I was turned around into thinking what I already knew. DOnt hate the nettles. Sure the kids toss the football in there as well as everyball that gets toosed nearby. they all end up in our MASSIVE nettles patch. Weve seen our share of tears around here thats for sure. DUMB NETTLES!

    Fact is Im tired of hating anything. SO, Ive decided to love the nettles instead. This may confuse the kids, but one of them is a budding chef. If I can turn him around, there may be hope for the other two. We shall now attempt to, lovingly, control our over abundant supply and make the best use of them.
    Im working on a way to weaponize the irritant in true Viking fashion before we eat the stuff. Oh yeah, we live in Sweden.
    Anyway, nice work, if the one kid gets his own cooking show, you may get a call! ……and btw, nice website!
    Med vänliga hälsningar,

  3. Paul Byron Downs

    Hello Theresa,

    Tried to find an email to contact you, so sending via this comment. Loved your recipe for Salted Prawns with Jicama Slaw and was wondering if you would like to share with our readers on THE BASICS Magazine. If so, let us know and we will send you additional information on what we need. Keep of the delicious recipes.


  4. Jim Brown

    Hi Theresa – it’s Jim here – Jess’ friend – I found your article about veg stock on the tapas newsletter! We were on South Pender last summer for a week – my wife April and then 3 year old son Oliver. What a great place to be! We made some big changes food wise several years ago and I will bookmark your site – sounds perfect. Please say hi to Howard foir me!

  5. Anne Hyland

    Hi Theresa,

    I couldn’t find your E-mail address, so I write to you here.
    I’m producer on a little TV-company, who make one hour TV on sign language to deaf people in Denmark, and in next week we will make a series with two deaf men, who get a challenge, where they have to make some recipes with a challenge.
    We will make 3 Christmas recipes and one of the is Danish klejner, and I’m ask you for permission to borrow your pictures of the finished klejner and how they have to look before they are finished. They will be on the TV for maximum 5 sec maybe.

    I hope you will give me your permission, and you can contact me on mail:

    Best regards

    Anne Hyland, DeafTV

  6. Bullrem

    I seem to have lost receiving your new Island Vittles and Outlander Kitchen post by email. I tried signing up again, but that just seems to be on individual posts rather that all the new ones. Help, Please.

    Helen in Ark.

  7. Sue Ellen Gaebler

    I have a partially printed receipt for ‘My Favorite Lemon Cake’ and want to try it. I have looked in the Outlander Kitchen and here (IslandVittles) and don’t see it. Where do I look next?
    Sue Ellen

  8. Sharon

    All righty then,
    January is here and the ban on kitchen waste in our area is now in effect. I am giving the Bokashi system a whirl. Here’s hoping I have as much success as you seem to have had so far. Soldier on!!

      1. Sharon

        So I’ve started. I like yourself have decided to bring my bucket indoors to encourage the break down. The lid is tight so I am hopeful that no nasty scents will be emanating from it.
        I have a web site that you might all be interested in for those of us living on Vancouver Island. The Bokashi product is produced by Cowichan Compost and they are offering to sell it at the locations mentioned on the web site. Could be a little more affordable than shipping from elsewhere. Here it is:

  9. David Morton

    Hi Theresa …

    In Vancouver and saw advertised spot prawn tails for $39/pound! Wow! Has the Pender Island supply dried up?


    1. Theresa Post author

      No sign of the boat here on Pender, David. Lat year, the boat came only once. The prawn population just isn’t there…the boats aren’t even catching their commercial limits, which means a majorly reduced supply and corresponding price hikes. The water is warming, and I suspect that may be the problem. It’s certainly damaging the local scallop population.


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