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Tuesday Dooze – Peanut Butter & Banana Biscotti Dog Biscuits

Yeah, yeah…he’s a cutie pie.  He melts just about everybody’s heart with a quick canine grin and one wag of his bottle-brush tail.

But he’s also got a dirty secret.  One I haven’t wanted to share.  You see, Koda eats other dogs’ sh*t.

More accurately, it’s only one other dog’s poo.  But it’s poo and it’s gross and I can’t believe that a dog who gets fed TOP-QUALITY dog food, wetted with homemade free-range chicken stock, everyday for breakfast and dinner (not to mention some pretty nice treats in between) has any use for feces, other than a brief obligatory whiff.

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Tuesday Dooze – Walk on the Beach

The Dooze and I go for a lot of early morning walks on the beach.  You can find us there most mornings, pretty much year ’round.  But we both agree that our favourite walks are on those special winter mornings when the sun shines clear and the water is as still as the surface of a drum.

One of the best parts of winter on Pender is that we’re often left to enjoy it on our own.  Summer has a wonderful energy — full of visitors discovering Pender for themselves —  and it’s satisfying to share our calm harbours with others.

But winter on Pender, for me, is all about luxuriating in our beautiful home, alone.  And by alone, I mean in the company of those I love.

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Snow Day with Howard and the Dooze

Tuesday Dooze – Snow Day!

I’m a little late for Tuesday Dooze (Mother Nature was a bit behind schedule for that).  But how about an (almost) Wordless Wednesday?

My 2 guys playing in the snow…then back home for pea soup on the woodstove with toasted cheese sandwiches.  I’m almost hoping the power goes out.

I can’t believe I just said that.

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Tuesday Dooze – A Dooze with a View at Hope Bay

Does this dog know how lucky he is?  If he had started his life with us as a puppy, probably not.  He would have only ever known waterscapes at every turn, daily walks along the shore and the deep sense of quiet you find on a rainforest trail.

But because he came to us as a middle-aged pooch from the big city, I figure he must shake himself every now and then to make sure all of this rural tranquility isn’t just a dream.

I’m no dog whisperer — actually, it’s my four-fingered whistle that seems to get his attention most consistently — but I don’t think that even Cesar Millan could make this dog any happier.  He stops to ponder and enjoy the scenery wherever we go. Continue reading


Tuesday Dooze – I’m His Grasshopper

There’s a lot going on in that little head that we’ll never know.

I’ve said it before:  this dog enjoys a view.  He’ll sit for 10 or 20 minutes when he finds a spot he likes.  So when we reach a panorama such as this (and there’s quite a few stunners here on Pender),  it’s time to sit back, relax and chill while we commit this snapshot in time to memory.   I’ve learned a lot about living in the moment from my little sensei here.

Just add Zen Master Douglas to his long list of monikers. Continue reading