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crispy baked wings

The Crispiest Baked Wings & Red Stick Spice Co.

By now, many of you know that I recently spent a week in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with my friend Lori from  In addition to her blog, Lori spends a lot of time at Red Stick Spice Co, where she works part-time.

I’ve been the lucky recipient of a few surprise packs from Lori and Red Stick, so I was excited to see the place first hand and pick out a few specialties to take home. Continue reading

Fresh Cheese & Onion Tourte

Fresh Cheese & Onion Tourte from The Serpent & the Pearl by Kate Quinn & A GIVEAWAY

Despite my flying thoughts, I couldn’t help smiling as my fingers sealed a crumble of fresh cheese and sweet olive oil and Genovese onions into a pastry crust. The cramped little kitchens were humming like a beehive, the apprentices were working like hired mules, and I imagined I could hear the murmur of guests upstairs: the whisper of expensive silks, the peal of laughter from a happy bride. The clink of fine glasses, the crunch as salted nuts and honeyed dates and morsels of Ligurian cheese disappeared into the mouths of cardinals and wedding guests and bridegroom alike. The oohs and aahs that went up as the roast peacock, my roast peacock, came swaying in at last on the backs of two serving men, proud and feathered and sweet-cooked and not at all looking like it had been whipped together in a quarter of the time it needed (at least if you didn’t look too close).

Kate Quinn, The Serpent and the Pearl (Chapter One – Carmelina)

Fresh Cheese and Onion Tart Continue reading


Carbonara with Chanterelles & Chorizo

A quick post here, just so you all know nothing bad has happened.

On the contrary!  Things are good at Casa Vittles these days.  The weather has stayed good, we’ve been eating lots of fresh food, and the harvest keeps coming in! (It’s great to have generous neighbours with green thumbs.)

I feel like I’ve neglected IV recently, though, (I’ve got this new thing I’m working on that I’m really excited about, but it’s taking most of my time), so I wanted to take a few minutes to share this simple, but very tasty meal we had for dinner last night. Continue reading


My Favourite Lemon Cake

I love lemons, and they love me.  Together forever — that’s me and my lemons.

At the top of the list of lemon love for me is a really good pound cake.  I don’t mean a stodgy old thing from the time when pound cake was made with a pound each of butter, flour, sugar and eggs. What I want is a light, tender and moist crumb with enough lemon flavour to purse my lips before the sugar takes that pleasant sourness to a sweet conclusion.

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