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Stinging Nettle Mayonnaise – Recipe


I get excited about nettles.  I have a little patch, on the other side of our back fence, that I have been cultivating for the past few years.  It’s far enough from my garden so that I don’t have to worry about weed containment, and far enough off the dog walker’s path to avoid contamination, if you know what I mean. Continue reading

Golf Island Disc Park


The Dooze and I walk through the disc park a couple of times a week.  As the weather warms up and the days get longer, Howard will join us for a quick 9 holes in the late afternoon.

The Golf Island Disc Park is an amazing 27 hole course located in one of the forests of Magic Lake Estates — about a 10 minute walk from our place.

Continue reading

Walk to Boat Nook


When you see it from the Dooze’s point of view, you can understand why he was a bit upset.  We had walked down Schooner Way, past Firehall #1 and Magic Lake Park, past Privateers Road, Pirates Road, Cutlass Court and Capstan Lane on our way to the Boat Nook ocean access — only to have our plan foiled… Continue reading

Alternative Valentine's Lollipops


Strawberry-Beet Pops.

These are pretty in a slightly tousled, just got out of bed, kind of way — just the way everything should look on Valentines. They’re not perfect, and I’m beginning to accept that carrying through the beet lollipop idea to its ultimate end may have been going just a tad bit overboard.

But the natural beet colouring worked, the agave acted like corn syrup to prevent the boiling syrup from crystallizing, and the strawberry flavour, although not entirely natural, made them taste like Jolly Ranchers.  Yum. Continue reading