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Breakfast at The Circus in Edinburgh and a Solo Parade up the Royal Mile

Breakfast at The Circus in Edinburgh and a Solo Parade up the Royal Mile


What is your favourite time of day?

There’s no doubt that I’m at my best first thing in the morning, directly after my first cup of coffee.  The dog gets walked, a short post like this gets written, emails I’ve been putting off for days receive replies, and Howard gets a genuine snuggle before domestic chores, too many incoming calls and everyday worries take the shine off of my sparkling AM personality.

royal-mileThere’s no better place to be a morning person than on vacation.  No correspondence to check, no news to watch, very few appointments to keep.  Instead, long mornings with a lingering breakfast and a good book are what draw me out of my holiday bed.

I also always try to get at least one early morning walk in, especially in the city.  It’s a whole different world before seven AM, no matter where you are.  And on our latest stay in Edinburgh, I awoke at six to find that the rain that had been hammering the cobbles outside our apartment half the night had let up — and the sun was rising quickly in a crystal blue sky.

So after a cup of coffee, I marched straight up the middle of the Royal Mile, from Holyrood to the Castle, almost by myself.  I twice made way for bin men collecting the garbage, and was passed by four or five early morning joggers, but aside from those few, the only company I had was birds, some of which were kind enough to greet me with song upon my arrival at Edinburgh Castle at 6:45.  Not a 21st Century sound to be heard.

Moments like these are exactly why I travel.


And then we went for breakfast.

After happening upon The Circus Bistro on St. Mary’s Street on our first morning in Edinburgh, we returned for a second time simply because it was tasty, reasonable and the staff was friendly.  Howard had a full Scottish-with-a-Mediterranean-twist breakfast the first morning, which got high marks for a generous supply of tasty bacon and sausage.  The egg was cooked a bit hard, but the home-style toast made up for any deficiencies.

I had the Mediterranean breakfast (pictured above) on our first visit, and I raved over it so much that Howard joined me when I had it again on morning two.  Alongside a very good Americano, we each enjoyed a big plate of grilled halloumi (cheese), salty feta, fried egg, artisanal toast, olives, stewed eggplant and grilled tomato, all delicious and very filling.

A tasty breakfast to fuel my second hike, this time with Howard, up the Royal Mile to a much more crowded Castle.  All before 10 am.

There’s nothing better than an early morning on vacation.