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Yeasted Waffles with Maple-Bacon Butter

Yeasted Waffles with Maple-Bacon Butter

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Until yesterday, we hadn’t had waffles around here in years.  You see, I’m prone to fits of minimization every four or five years, when I suddenly get to a point where I just can’t stand how much crap the two of us have accumulated since the last purge.

Single-use items in the kitchen are the first to go, and I remember discarding a waffle-maker, grilled-cheese machine, and a few other small appliances that we probably received as wedding presents, the last time I minimized.  (I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and I tire easily of looking at the same, unused items over and over as I’m rifling through drawers/cupboards.)

Here on Pender, ridding yourself of garbage can be expensive.  It’s also frowned upon from a green perspective.  After all, is it really garbage just because you don’t want it?  In that spirit, most of the island’s unwanted items go either to the Recycling Centre’s Free Store, or to the island’s thrift store, The Nu-To-Yu, which is where our last waffle iron went, along with its friends, shortly after we moved here.

nu 2 yu, pender islandLast week, my friend Lori at Little White Apron posted a picture of the yeasted waffles she made for Mother’s Day breakfast, and my need for a replacement waffle iron manifested itself immediately and powerfully.  Dreams of the perfect breakfast can do that, don’t you find?

If you’re a regular donator of items, I, (in my hippy world), think it’s totally reasonable to expect some sort of karma kickback.  And the best way to get what you want when thrift shopping is to create your intention early, by silently putting your wish list out to the universe days before you even get in the car.

At least that’s how it works for me here on Pender.  The Nu-To-Yu is only open on Friday and Saturday, but I knew I wanted a waffle iron by noon the previous Sunday.  All sorts of time to create the right intention.

So, on Saturday afternoon, I marched confidently into the basement at the Nu-To-Yu, reserved for the lowest of the low, the pieces that wouldn’t, or didn’t, make a sale upstairs, and within twenty seconds, I had my quarry.  A nice little Belgian waffle maker, in excellent condition, for $2, which works perfectly.

(Still for sale on Amazon for $36 — that’s right.  I’m a little smug.) ;)

Yeasted Waffles

Lori served her waffles with salted molasses butter, which sounded pretty great to me.  By Saturday night, though, I had decided upon my own little twist, so I crisped up a slice of bacon, then diced it and mashed it together with 1/2 cup butter and 2 tsp of maple syrup.   I rolled it into a tube in some saran wrap and put it in the fridge overnight.

After the butter, I put the recipe together for the waffles, which has to sit covered on the counter overnight.  In the morning, I whisked an egg and some baking soda into the batter, then poured it into my brand-spanking-new waffle iron.  I halved the recipe as given, which made (4) 7″ waffles — enough for leftovers to toast this morning.

The recipe is intended for a regular waffle maker.  Many, like myself, found it doesn’t fill the Belgian makers completely.  As you can see, one side is perfect.  I doubled the baking soda, which helped, but the other sides were still a little flat.  Next time, I might try adding a little baking powder too.

Served with a couple of slices of bacon, some chopped mango and a cup of Java with The King, it made a delicious, slightly yeasty, salty and sweet start to a Sunday that only got better.