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Brisket Pizza with Pico de Gallo

Brisket Pizza with Pico de Gallo

Sunday Lunch/Daily Dinners

Pizza was on the menu last night at Chez IV. 

It’s one of my favourite venues for leftovers — after all, what is pizza but flatbread, sauce and cheese?  Once those basics are taken care of, you can put just about anything on top that you’d like.

There was a plate full of brisket, and a bowl of it’s accompanying sauce, leftover from Saturday night and  just enough mozzarella in the fridge.  I actually ran out of flour for the first time (I think) in my life while putting the crust together, so I substituted in 1 cup of stoneground whole wheat.  And I’d do it again.  The crust had a light nutty taste, and had the crusty/soft texture I want for my pizza.

I reduced the sauce leftover from this easy and delicious slow-cooker brisket to the thickness of a chunky tomato sauce, and used it in place of exactly that.  I added two layers of brisket to the crust, with the mozzarella in between, then finished the whole thing with a thick shredding of fresh Parmesan.  It cooked at 500° F for about 15 minutes.  I moved it to the top rack of the oven and broiled it for 3 minutes to get the cheese brown and bubbly.

I had planned to serve a salad alongside, but the South-Western matching of the brisket and pico de gallo proved too much to deny.  I mixed the pico de gallo while the pizza was in the oven, and drained it well before topping the pizza and slicing.

Delicious with a Race Rocks beer from Lighthouse Brewing