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Fish & Chips at the Invergarry Hotel


invergarry hotel

Fish & Chips is a must have on a trip to Great Britain.  And while they’re served at every establishment under the English, Welsh and Scottish suns, I’m very choosy about where I order them.  I have a one order per trip limit, so I try to find the best plate I can.

The masterpiece you see above is from The Invergarry Hotel, located in the village of the same name, which comes from the Scots Gaelic for “Mouth of the River Garry.”We walked to the Garry from our boat, moored on nearby Loch Oich in the Scottish Great Glen, then followed its course for another 15 minutes, emerging from a wooded area full of giant oaks to find our destination looking much as it must have when it was built in 1885.  Cars now pass by instead of carriages, but the old stones of the exterior and the rich, dark wood of the interior still lend much old world charm to this favourite stopping point for locals and tourists in the know.

This was a return trip to the Invergarry for us, having spent two nights on Loch Oich in 2011.  While we were slightly disappointed to find the same menu as two years ago, and no daily specials, I was very happy with my fish and chips.  The prices at the Invergarry are a little higher than your average pub, but worth it.  One massive piece of haddock, home cut chips, buttered peas (not mushy) and homemade tartar sauce.  The plate was big and everything delicious.  I gave it a valiant try, and called it a victory when I finished half the plate.

I washed it down with a Kopparberg Swedish-style pear cider, but real cask ales are also available, and the bar stocks a large, wide-ranging selection of whisky to sample when your meal is done.

Traveller’s Tip:  Their beer mats make excellent, easy-to-pack souvenirs for only £1 each.


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