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Chicken Yakitori & Kale Chips


I spent the weekend on an adventure.  I flew across this great country to Toronto, and then on to Niagara Falls, to meet a group of friends from Facebook.

Some in my real life thought that was a little weird, but if you knew this group of ladies like I do, you would have known it will all turn out alright.

No awkwardness, no silent,shy smiles.  Instead, there were screams of joy and powerful hugs as the faces we’ve come to know on our screens exploded with flesh and blood grins a mile wide.

What a weekend!  One I’ll never forget.  And when I got home on Monday, and settled back to typing with my group, I was overjoyed to find that our meeting in real life has added an extra special dimension to our online communications — I can hear their voices when I read their words.

A truly priceless experience.  Mastercard don’t know nothin’.

Aside from memories, I always try to bring a souvenir back with me.  And I’m not talking a fridge magnet (though I did buy one of those too).  This time, it’s a gorgeous butter dish that I picked up in the gift shop at the Gardiner Museum of Ceramics in Toronto — a beautiful place to spend a couple of hours, and the museum’s cafe is a great choice for lunch.  My Salade Niçoise was delicious and reasonably priced.

Our first home-cooked meal after my return came together after a quick trip to the grocery store.  The sweet soy-based sauce on the wings match the crunch of the kale chips.  I used sesame oil on the kale and sprinkled some sesame seeds in there too…both recipes are in the IV archives:

  • Chicken Yakitori – Yaki means grill.  Tori comes from the taré sauce that is brushed on the chicken while it’s cooking.
  • Kale Chips (scroll to the bottom of the post)

Do you have an online friend that you’ve never met?