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More Food from Fiction at Outlander Kitchen

More Food from Fiction at Outlander Kitchen

Food From Fiction

You may have seen my Food from Fiction posts before.  I’ve made dishes described in The Host and The Time Traveller’s Wife, but my most popular FFF posts are the Rolls with Pigeon & Truffle and Brianna’s Bridies, both inspired by the stories of Diana Gabaldon.  There’s a reason Diana has a cadre of fiercely loyal fans — Jamie & Claire Fraser’s world is rich with adventure, history, deep love and food.

Yup, there’s a lot of food spread across those 7 volumes!  Just thinking about Mrs. Bug’s apple fritters makes my mouth water…

So if you’ve ever asked yourself W.W.J.E. (What would Jamie eat?), then you need to come over to Outlander Kitchen for a visit right now!  Pull a stool up to the table and have a seat — are you hungry?  There’s a batch of Mrs. Fitz’s parritch on the stove and a bowl & spoon with your name on them.

We’re waiting…stop by for a chat, won’t you?

Mrs. Fitz's Parritch