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Tuesday Dooze – The Pender Island Dog Show

Tuesday Dooze – The Pender Island Dog Show

Pender Island Life, Tuesday Dooze

Dog lovers from across the Penders (all 13 square miles of them) gathered in early August to celebrate all things canine.

It was a day full of drama and beauty.  Think Toddlers and Tiaras but with dogs who still look like dogs instead of 3 year olds made to resemble Anna Nicole Smith.

Penderites can be a competitive bunch — especially when it comes to our animal friends — apparently, the organizers felt it necessary to remind us that this is a “FUN” event — and not an official qualifier for the IABCA International Dog Show. ;)

The Dooze has been in a bit of a funny mood lately — I suspect it’s the impromptu found-seafood feasts he keeps indulging in at the beach.  (I can never get there to stop it in time.) — he’s listening even less than normal, his appetite is slightly subdued, and he’s a little clingy in groups.  He never lets Howard and I out of his sight, and rarely out of touch.

Today was no different.  He sniffed all of the other competitors and gave them a quick nod in hello, but he always homed back to sit or stand on my feet.  When his paws are on my paws, all is right with his world, or so I’ve come to discover.

But once everyone was assembled for The Grand Parade, the Dooze lined up with the rest and took a turn or two around the ring to get the show rolling…

Here’s Eve, showing off her little Dachshund, who may be small in stature, but whose personality is large enough to keep even a Great Dane in line.

Contestant 859 took home top prize as prettiest bitch.  I wish I had a better picture to show off her ethereal beauty, but you’ll have to imagine her gracefully trotting across the green, spinning and turning at her mistress’s command.  A very graceful display indeed!

And if there’s a Prettiest Bitch, there has to be a Most Handsome male too, right?  Hmmm…I wonder who could have walked away with that prize?

OK, you guessed it!  That #1 from me in the pic above says it all.  The Dooze and his friend Rocky, proudly held by his master Dave, took the top 2 spots away from some very good looking dogs visiting from the city who were primped, preened and fussed over by their “more urban” owners in the last minutes before the judging.

Not bad for a middle-aged Shiba and a very senior Jack Russell from the sticks, eh?

The bow tie certainly didn’t hurt Rocky’s odds…

As for the Dooze, he’s not really one for accessories.  He’s happier to play hard as nails.  Just don’t tell him that he looks more like a 25 pound cutie pie, OK?  His tough guy self-image would never recover.