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Pender Island Cobb Salad

Pender Island Life, Sunday Lunch/Daily Dinners


Seasonal, sustainable, local, foraged, a fridge cleaner — and a freakin’ amazing dinner, if I do say so myself.

The Cobb Salad was first made by the owner of the Brown Derby Restaurant in Hollywood.  It was a late night impromptu snack served by Bob Cobb to some of his more influential customers.  He grabbed whatever was in the fridge at the time, and created a sensation that has been served millions of times since it`s birthday in 1937.

hard-boiled-eggs potato-salad

Mr Cobb`s salad included chicken breast, lettuce, tomatoes, watercress, chives, avocado, cheese and French dressing.

I had intended to add some avocado and feta to my version, but 3 obstacles precluded their inclusion:

  1. I was kind of grooving on the (mostly) local thing
  2. I couldn’t fit anymore on the family-size serving platter
  3. There’s only so much food 2 people can should eat


And so ended our 2nd meal created from 2 pounds of live Spot Prawns — I managed to squeeze (literally) a Prawn Bisque out of the heads and shells, and from that, I made some Prawn Crackers for the Dooze.  Three and a half meals from $20 worth of local seafood.  Not too bad for the first Prawn Saturday of the Season…what will happen for Week 2?  Any suggestions?