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How I Used My Preserved Lemons, Limes & Tangerines

How I Used My Preserved Lemons, Limes & Tangerines


moroccan preserved lemons, limes, tangerines

A while back, I had a bit of a salt-curing extravaganza.  I preserved some Meyer lemons, some sweet limes and some tangerines.

After the work was done, I had a sleepless night of excitement dreaming up all the ways I would use my precious citrus.   It was a sugar plums dancing in their heads kind of moment.  (Some people never grow up.)

When you remove your cured fruit from the jar, rinse it well to remove the residual salt.  Finely mince the peel and add it to any number of dishes.  The peel is the most often used, but as you’ll see, I’ve also used the flesh and the juice — SPARINGLY — this is salty stuff.

Wanna see how I’ve used them so far?


Harissa Wings with Moroccan Cured Lemon & Blue Cheese Dip – I pureed the flesh and peel of a salted lemon into the harissa marinade for the wings, and then folded some finely minced peel into the blue cheese dip for an extra hit of lemon.

harissa wings with preserved lemon

Cornish Game Hen with Aranciata and Preserved Tangerine Gastrique – I stuffed some minced tangerine peel and thyme under the bid’s skin.  I used more minced peel in the gastrique.


Potato Latkes with Meyer Lemon & Dill Creme Fraiche – I stirred some minced peel into the creme fraiche – simple, yet profound.

preserved-lemon-dill creme fraiche

Thai Noodle Salad with salted sweet lime – I tossed the minced peel into the salad, and used a bit of juice to add flavour to the dressing.


Preserved Lemon Twist in Maple Blossom Schnapps – tasty when the booze is gone!


Salt-Cured Sweet Lime and Ancho Mayo – peel pureed into homemade mayonnaise.


How have you used your preserved citrus?